So you are a change agent too?

(Jackie asks Twee after hosting her for a teacher training in Auckland, New Zealand)

- Jackie Mills, CEO of Les Mills™ and Co-director of BodyBalance™



in·te·gra·tive \ˈin-tə-ˌgrā-tiv\

(adj) : intending to unify separate things 


im·mer·sion \i-ˈmər-zhən, -shən\

(noun) : complete involvement

With the help of my teacher friends and healers around the planet, I am continually developing integrative immersions that combine yoga with other healing modalities to help us to co-create a more inspired and purposeful life. These integrative immersions are not teacher trainings or master classes. They are three hour introductory classes or three, five, or ten day courses for us to approach together a synthesized style of yoga complemented by a healing modality such as Ayurveda, chakra healing, or music therapy.