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So you are a change agent too?

(Jackie asks Twee after hosting her for a teacher training in Auckland, New Zealand)

- Jackie Mills, CEO of Les Mills™ and Co-director of BodyBalance™



in·te·gra·tive \ˈin-tə-ˌgrā-tiv\

(adj) : intending to unify separate things 


im·mer·sion \i-ˈmər-zhən, -shən\

(noun) : complete involvement

With the help of my teacher friends and healers around the planet, I am continually developing integrative immersions that combine yoga with other healing modalities to help us to co-create a more inspired and purposeful life. These integrative immersions are not teacher trainings or master classes. They are three hour introductory classes or three, five, or ten day courses for us to approach together a synthesized style of yoga complemented by a healing modality such as Ayurveda, chakra healing, or music therapy.


Immersion Offerings

















Immersion Offerings

















Currently Offered Worldwide

Level : Strong Beginners-Advanced

Style : Prana Vinyasa (TM) 

Context : 20% satsang | 30% pranayama & meditation | 50% asana | 8% magic (a shift in perception) = 108% empowered living yoga

Bound and Free

A sonic yoga practice dedicated to those who's unlimited potential and courage to choose freedom amongst suffering, loss, and grief sparked a movement of healing and prosperity for millions to come. A practice of playful binds, inspiring songs, lyrics, and dance grooves in support and recognition of, and C.H.A.I. Life Centers. 

Walking the Walk

Choose a "fortune cookie intention" inspired by one of the Yamas, Niyamas, an ancient proverb, or perhaps something your mama taught you, to infuse throughout your practice...and your daily living. This practice includes a walking meditation and can be the starting point of a 40 day UN-challenge or Sadhana (sacred practice). 

Bridging the Gap

Cross the bridge from technique to daily living. Choose one of the keys to mastering a challenging balancing asana and apply it towards a relationship within your life you want to begin, maintain, enhance, or let go of. Journaling, visualization and authentic expression explored within a flow class.

Yesterday's News

Reflect on your old stories, beliefs, and paradigms as you flow through a hip- and heart-centered practice before choosing to refresh those which liberate you or recycle those which limit you. Journaling and authentic expression welcome. 

Shifting Back to Truth

As we gradually draw our senses inward, we begin to realize and explore the shape-shifting of truth and its multi-faceted dimensions. Once quiet and inside, we can penetrate through the infinite possibilities of reality to truly become intimate with our heart-centered Guide. A practice using eye masks and invoking curiosity, courage, and integrity. 

Diving Deep into Silence

Listen to your heart in a space that is quiet and safe to hear the sacred whispers. A practice of forward folding, poetry and sound meditation. Personal yoga props are welcome. 

A Self-centered Life

We know that peace begins within and that there has been no better time than now to go inward and live a life centered around Self. Not the little ego-centric self but rather the larger Self that goes by many names and faces. This flow practice focuses on core strength and authentic expression fueled by the essence of Self/God within us as us. 

840,000 Posture-bilities

According to ancient texts, there are 840,000 postures representing every living species of life on the planet. Our collective practice explores form, fluidity, our expansive imagination, and fearless creativity to move into the multiple dimensions of infinite possibilities of postures…and our lives!

Returning H-om

Enjoy a last day collaboration with Twee and surprise guest presenters as they guide us all towards a seamless transition from collective gathering to returning home. This eclectic offering may include tips on setting up your own altar at home, an UNchallenge, a group mantra, mudra, a healing meditation, storytelling, and/or a spontaneous dance party! Be ready for anything... after all, you are a yogi who knows how to flow! 

CEC and Attendance Certificates available.

Contact for more information.


Immersion Schedule

Immersion Schedule

Upcoming Immersions with Twee

Fall 2018 Schedule Coming Soon


Twee's teaching touches deeply into the heart.

A very obvious result in me, after joining her class, is the opening of my own heart.

This is what China needs at the moment.

- TongTong, Co-founder, Firebird yoga Consulting Firm, Beijing China