What I originally thought would be a weekly post while traveling across the country in our RV with our family of five...has turned into this one post on Day 75. And why? Simply...because I want to be present with this experience. This once in a life time experience.  

Hana is turning four next month. Tesla turned two, two weeks ago. We travel to a different city on average every three days. And now after having made it from New York City to Seattle in six weeks...we are now moving a lot more swiftly to get back to the East Coast (to Floyd, Va for the Yoga Jam) for Labor Day weekend in four weeks. That said our days are filled with driving, entertaining each other along 3-6 hour hauls to the next campground, setting up camp, and either going out to dinner at a local vegetarian/vegan restaurant, shopping at the local co-op to make our next meal, or meeting up with friends at their homes and having a play with their kids!

It's been an epic experience so far and each new city, new family, new cultural experience is a GIFT! And as I would graciously receive any gifts in my life...I want to be completely present with them...with my family.  

So that said...less posting...less blogging...just one (or two tops!) photos posted a day (if that) on Instagram or Facebook is what I share for now. And maybe eventually I might offer a pop-up yoga class...but I'm not feeling it yet. I just want to be with my family and the gifts of each day on the road.  It's the only way..for me...for us.  So see you in a few days or a week or perhaps 75 days from now!

Bless you and thank you for sharing our Journey with us! In-Joy, Twee