Norway Fjord Inspires Ripples of Change


Water. New Moon. Moon cycle. Creativity. Flexibility. Rejuvenation. Restoring. Replenishing. Emotional. Fluidity. Waves. Rippling. Flowing. Movement. Rain. Yearning for Surf. Inspiration. Birth. Ocean. The Cove. These are just some of the words that come to mind when I think WATER.

It was only last week that I was in Drobak, Norway with the Tingulstad's who hosted me for 2 weeks in their guest house (also called The Tempel). It was here, on the Oslo Fjord, that I had one of the best rests of the Tour.

Julia + her mom, Anette (pictured to the left) are the goddesses of a gorgeous studio called Tempel Yoga, only a 30 minute drive from Oslo, where I taught a chakra weekend intensive. I stayed on for another week of daily meditations, journaling, reading, doing nothing at all, re-aligning sessions with Jens Tingulstad (, an amazing chiropractor and neurologist), and I often compared how "tall" I am to the two sons, Emil + Emmet (pictured below right).



It's been 2 years since I've been here and I have to say Emmet has definitely grown up just a bit! With all that stillness and week of re~aligning so much creativity and intention was birthed. I spent an entire day just writing writing writing what my "mission" was for the remaining time on Tour, and into 2012! (…more to come on that next month's newsletter about honoring Fire Activation Courage + Risk Taking) It was so gorgeous to be living on the water, on the fjord, cooking for myself, being totally alone for hours upon hours on end with an occasional visit from one of the family members including their fluffy white dog, Promad.

I caught up on so much reading (my newest book is Waking the Tiger by Peter Levine about healing trauma) and stayed updated on the Gulf Coast oil spills.

Night after night I still could not get over the gorgeous sunsets that arrived no sooner than 10.30p at night. And I was lucky to stay up until 2.30 or 3am to welcome the the full moon reflecting off the fjord's surface!

I even found time to just sit on the couch with the Tingulstad's to watch Eurovision (a major celebration of a song competition of different European countries) the first weekend and then the next weekend to see Sex + The City 2 (so fun)!


So much joy and creativity birthed from being still and living on the water. I am forever grateful for the Tingulstad's for taking me in as a special guest and sharing their home and themselves with me. So blessed. And after this visit I now know for sure that I must land after the Tour and make a home for myself at the sea.

Not just because I am a surfer, but because it is the element that inspires creativity...rejuvenation...and just a sense of home….afer all, we are made up of 70% water...remember?

...And it was there in Drobak, that I was still long enough to watch The Cove, which was quite an emotonal movie, and one that reminded of how precious our ocean is to all life on the planet, and how the ocean reflects the health of it's inhabitants. If we don't stop this then none of us are really free.

This was one of the most important experiences that came from my resting at the Tingulstad's Tempel Guest House....

The Cove.








Thank you to Carole Westerman, our new Empowered Prana Flow Living with Twee Newsletter Editor for preparing this newsletter, for your article on the Oceans, and helping us to understand how our actions affect our oceans and what we can do about it.

If you are considering a Seaside Retreats we have featured some with Twee and others with our Teacher Friends of the Tribe | in Norway, Greece, Montauk, and Morocco!

Julia + I at the park in Oslo

Julia + I at the park in Oslo

...And please make a commitment today to eat less animals, including fish so we can preserve the ecological balance of our planet and our great oceans. Let's do our part to maintain the balance within (our own body temples) and and with out (the temple of our earth and oceans).

Thank you again to the Tingulstad's for hosting me!

Blessings from the Spiritual Globalisation Europe Tour | Holland,

Love, Twee