A Formula for Happiness

I am currently reading a book called Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. Although I am not too crazy about the rest of the title: The Revolutionary Formula for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss, (think the publisher had anything to do with that?), it was highly recommended to me by my father's neurologist Dr. Enescue, when I asked him for any suggestions on how to transition from vegetarian to vegan.... Eat to Live! he said, "buy it."

I did.

I have been enjoying Dr. Fuhrman's formula for Health...


Health = Nutrition Density / Caloric Intake

Your health is dependent on the nutritional density or amount of nutrition available in food that you choose to eat divided by the calories of that food. Simply put...if you choose to eat french fries, with very little nutrition in relation to the obscene amount of calories going into your body temple, your health is not great...versus eating spinach or kale, which both have very high nutritional value in relation to very low caloric intake, therefore your health will be fantastic! Your health is directly related to the food choices you make.

Ok. This we already know. So how does that relate to our everyday happiness? Here is my formula...


I know it looks crazy! Can you tell I can be a little bit of a numbers nerd? ....it comes from my dad...he was an accountant for over 20 years in his last position. Stay with me....

Happiness = (Intention + Intuition + Conscious Action)/Moment

Happiness is directly related to living as many Moments based on following your heart's Intentions + your gut's Intuition + choosing Conscious Actions based on the union of the two.

Do you like my formula for Happiness?

~ know your Intention before you act upon a thought or emotion

~ listen for your Intuition, your gut response before you act upon a thought or emotion

~ live as many moments as you can from Conscious Action honoring those two

Enjoy the formula and the "experiment" of your life!

Namaste + Much Love!